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The Oxford Nursery - Pre school seat of learning                                                    

We aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and happy. We pride ourselves in fostering a friendly and dedicated environment…we are a happy team and like to think anyone who attends our nursery is our friend too. As you embark on the shared journey that is known as ‘The Early Years’, your child will learn  as they play and become ready for ‘big school’.

 We nurture an environment that is warm, caring and inclusive where children can feel relaxed to play and learn about the world around them and each other. At The Oxford Nursery we do not follow one individual model of play and learning. Instead, we believe in treating each child as an individual and we encourage children to express their developing character within a setting that is welcoming and tolerant. We work hard to help them to develop and learn in the best way that suits their needs. Which we do through the Key person system where our team really get to know your child and what makes them tick. We understand that a strong partnership with parents will help us best know your child and respond to their growing and learning needs. We are committed to keeping parents informed of day to day happenings and developmental observations and use an on-line interactive system so the information can reach the parents as it occurs and respond directly too if they wish. This means we are easily tracking development and can identify your child’s next steps in their learning journey.



We know that children learn in different ways and we aim to provide an exciting variety of fun experiences, play equipment and activities. We strive for each child to reach their full potential at every stage of their development and make sure that staff keep up to date with the best educational philosophies and research through in-house training and external courses as well as an affiliation with Henley college who support our training needs.  Our partnership with Henley College is invaluable for all the team, many of whom have embarked on continued Professional Development.  

We aim to provide a secure and homely environment, offering a comfortable atmosphere within which all individuals may develop confidence and positive self esteem both children and adults.

We seek to operate our day care service efficiently always following the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage set by OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education). We take our obligation to setting the Standards for Learning, Development and Care for Children from birth to five seriously.


We value and are proud of the care we offer. We endeavour to provide an environment where children can be healthy, safe and secure and where their individual needs are being met and embraced. We seek to help our children form positive relationships with adults who genuinely care for them and enjoy being with them. We try to accommodate everyone, respecting all individual needs wherever possible. We also value and seek to maintain and encourage professionalism in our working practice at all times and celebrate and recognise professional achievement. Staff receive regular training in Career and Professional Development and are encouraged to take their training further within a setting that is nurturing and supportive. Help and advice is always at hand for our carers in the form of a strong mentoring team of well qualified and experienced practitioners.


Our Oxford Nursery team of professionals is led by 3 Graduate level senior managers, one with a teaching degree and Early Years Professional Status awarded by the Childcare Workforce Development Council (CWDC). Two hold an Early Years foundation Degree. All nurseries are required by Ofsted to employ 50% qualified staff to level 2 or above and as part of our commitment to raising the standards of nursery care and education we are proud to say that across our 3 nurseries we are strongly qualified and are determined to strive for all staff to hold a professional qualification in early Years care and education. In each Nursery Setting we seek to ensure that all senior staff are qualified with either teacher, N.N.E.B., NVQ3. Diploma or equivalent status with at least two years experience. All staff working in a middle management position, or above, are also encouraged to complete a diploma in leadership and management. In addition all staff must hold a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate, Safeguarding Children (Child Protection) training, basic food hygiene level 2 and all staff must now have achieved a grade c or above in maths and English at GCSE.

In addition we ask staff to undertake training in…. Special Educational Needs, Equal Opportunities, Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and Positive Behaviour Management. All managers are required to complete Safer Recruitment training

In matters financial we pride ourselves in our provision of a fair financial structure whereby the cost of childcare is related directly to ratio and qualified staff requirements and training needs determined by Ofsted.

We endeavour to provide the best combination of childcare and education possible. Similarly we aim to provide the best and most flexible childcare service to our clients.

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