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The Oxford Nursery has always been the pre-school seat of learning. Children lead and create their own play both indoors and outside. By ensuring children feel safe and secure, they are encouraged to play and learn with gentle guidance by adults. Whether it is close motor skills work or cloud interpretations its all fun and its all educational.

Being part of the nursery from Freshers (0-2 years), Sophomores (2-3 years) and Scholars (3-5 years) the children make friends, interact with each other and staff throughout their time with us.  In no time at all you will learn the names of your children's new friends and carers.

We love messyplay, just look at our Facebook page to see all the daily activities the children get up to.

Imaginations run wild from spacemen and dinosaurs to all the colours of the rainbow.  

Regular gardening and growing all sorts of great vegetables are then harvested and cooked, often by our little chefs. We are certain we will have a Cordon Bleu chef someday.​


All of these experiences and learning journeys are captured throughout the day and parents/guardians receive daily updates.

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